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   Herbicide Injury

          2, 4-D injury 2, 4-D Injury

          Gramoxone injury Gramoxone Injury

          Glyphosate injury Glyphosate Injury

          Simazine injury Simazine Injury

          Terbacil injury Terbacil Injury


     Nutrient Deficiency

          Iron deficiency Iron Deficiency

          Magnesium deficiency Magnesium Deficiency

          Nitrogen deficiency Nitrogen Deficiency


     Physiological Disorders

          Frost & freeze injury Frost & Freeze Injury

          Hail injury Hail Injury

          Split pits & pit shattering Split Pits & Pit Shattering

          Sunscald Sunscald

          Winter injury to flower buds Winter Injury to Flower Buds

          Winter injury to trees (Blackheart) Winter Injury to Trees (Blackheart)


     Production Problems

          Planting too deeply Planting Too Deeply

          Poor pollination Poor Pollination

          Split trunks & broken branches  Split Trunks & Brooken Branches


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